How to Grow Your Landscape Revenue With SealTuft Synthetic Grass

Landscaping businesses may miss jobs if they don’t offer synthetic grass services. Since artificial grass can increase the value of a client’s home, you can boost revenue by offering artificial turf installation services in your landscaping business.

Plus, synthetic turf is a great option for clients concerned about the upkeep of a pristine outdoor space. Artificial turf can provide the aesthetic appeal of always vibrant green grass without needing constant mowing and maintenance. 

Do all landscape installers offer artificial turf?

Not always, but they should! Synthetic grass and landscaping go together like bread and butter; the benefits are huge. Installers that offer artificial turf installation benefit from many bonuses: increased revenue, no callbacks, happier clients, and much more. 


The 8 Benefits of Offering SealTuft Artificial Grass in Your Landscaping Business

1. Increase Revenue

By expanding your services to include synthetic grass installation, you can tap into a growing market demand. Did you know that the artificial turf market is growing and may reach $7 billion in 2025? Many homeowners and businesses opt for low-maintenance alternatives to natural lawns. 

Getting ahead of the curve by providing services for homeowners looking to add less maintenance to their lawn care can create a new source of revenue for your landscaping business.

2. Diversification

Offering synthetic grass and landscaping enables you to diversify your service offerings. This sets your business apart from competitors that may only provide a limited range of services. Diversification demonstrates versatility and adaptability, making your business more attractive to potential customers. 

It also helps you stay ahead of industry trends and changes, ensuring your business remains relevant and competitive. This can help expand your client base by attracting new customers seeking artificial turf solutions for outdoor spaces.

3. Reduced Maintenance

Synthetic grass requires minimal upkeep compared to natural lawns. So naturally, you might be worried about losing out on landscaping work. However, two items to consider are a homeowner looking for less maintenance will likely hire a different company and go with synthetic turf anyway. Secondly, you can roll the profits you were to make in maintenance over 4 or 5 years to today by profiting immediately off of synthetic grass installation. 

Ensure the homeowner hires your business by offering artificial turf installation that can cater to clients who desire the visual appeal of lush green grass without the hassle of mowing, watering, and fertilizing. This can be particularly attractive to clients with busy schedules or limited resources for regular lawn maintenance, and you can immediately increase your profit.

4. Year-Round Aesthetics

One great perk is that synthetic turf maintains its vibrant appearance throughout the year, unlike natural grass. Synthetic turf offers a consistent green well-kept aesthetic regardless of weather conditions or seasonal changes. 

Artificial grass and landscaping benefits can especially appeal to clients who want their outdoor spaces to look visually appealing regardless of the time of year. 

5. Water Conservation 

Artificial turf does not require watering, reducing the overall water consumption for your clients. This eco-friendly aspect can be a selling point, especially in regions where water scarcity or conservation is a concern. 

The demand for synthetic grass in landscaping and recreational applications is steadily increasing at a rate of 10% to 15% annually in the United States. If you live in an area prone to droughts, saving water can greatly benefit using synthetic turf installation. 

6. Protect the Environment

Did you know that SealTuft turf doesn’t end up in a landfill? It is the only 100% one-step recyclable turf in the market! Most artificial grass comprises non-biodegradable synthetic materials, including polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. 

These materials have a lengthy decomposition period, lasting centuries when disposed of in landfills. Thankfully, SealTuft turf is helping reduce the amount of synthetic grass in a landfill by providing an eco-friendly turf solution. 

7. Durability

Synthetic grass withstands heavy foot traffic and various weather conditions - even pets! By offering synthetic grass and landscaping, you can provide clients with various budget-friendly turf products in different colors, weights, heights, and sizes. Artificial grass is a long-lasting solution that will maintain its appearance and functionality for years, ultimately reducing the need for frequent replacements.

8. Allergy-Friendly

Imagine you get a call for a landscaping project looking for an artificial non-allergenic solution, and you’re not yet set up to offer synthetic grass and landscaping. Natural grass can trigger allergies in some individuals. But, synthetic grass eliminates the presence of allergens such as pollen. This makes it a viable option for clients with allergies or sensitivities, especially in the spring and summer.

Key Takeaways:

Grow Your Landscaping Business Today

Incorporating synthetic grass with landscaping allows you to cater to a broader range of customers, provide low-maintenance solutions, and tap into the growing demand for sustainable and visually-appealing outdoor spaces. SealTuft is your choice when you’re looking to wow homeowners with synthetic grass options! 

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