Understand Costs

Choosing your synthetic grass partner and supplier is a very big decision that so many take lightly.  The two main decision factors are simple ones, convince and price.  If a large warehouse exists that has turf in stock right up the street and I don’t have to plan, why not just grab any old turf from there?  Since customers just want something green and down now, let’s go buy the cheapest turf we can find.


Our questions back to you are:


Do you get any support?  Who are you working with and how much experience do they have?  Maybe they are experts at loading a truck or fulfilling an order, but once in the field how much do they know?


SealTuft is backed by a nationwide network of experienced installers who all own their own businesses.  We have 25+ years of experience and never do we cut corners when it comes to our products.  Most of our turf ships within a few business days and reaches most of the USA in 3-5 business days.


So experience and short wait times can be found here, now let’s analyze the costs.


Synthetic Grass is just one of many aspects in the cost of completing an installation.


Here are all the items listed for you to see:


Grade Work to prepare the area

Removal of any existing Landscaping

Installation of Drainage

Installation of a 4 inch aggregate base based on your area and the needs of the project.

½ inch to 1 inch of leveling screenings

Shipping from factory (you pay this no matter where the turf is picked up)

Sand infill - if you are skipping this step then we are not comparing the same products

Nailer Boards - Edging or nails for edging.

Equipment Rental or Ownership

Transportation to and from the job site

Labor for all the above


Finally - The cost of the Turf…


Anyone planning an Artificial Turf installation needs to understand all of these expenses prior to starting and it is more than necessary to understand them prior to offering customers estimates and proposals.  We challenge you to list these out, add dollar figures to each and then compare superior SealTuft synthetic grass pricing with other turf suppliers.


What you will find is the overall impact of offering better looking and performing turf to your customers is not overly expensive in the grand scheme of the installation and the customer should at the very least have the opportunity to see SealTuft, understand the benefits and make up their own minds.


Superior Synthetic Grass with SealTuft is not cost prohibitive, is readily available and your business will thrive by offering the very best.


Contact us today for any help you need with Synthetic Grass preparations and installations.