How do you work with me?

We offer the very best synthetic grass available anywhere for wholesale purchase, we can help train you and your team so you too can perform expert installation and finally we help people become business owners that specialize in the installation and distribution of artificial turf.


How do I get started?

2 ways - Our preferred method is to talk to you directly.  We use short phone calls and in some cases video conferencing to get to know you and understand how we can best serve your business.   Secondly, you can create and account and once we gather a little information you can start placing orders.


Where are you located?

Our Factory is in North Georgia where around 80% of the world's carpet is manufactured and an even higher percent of Synthetic Grass.  All the infrastructure of the industry lives here.  The equipment manufacturers and technicians to keep machines running, the skilled workforce necessary to produce excellent products as well as all the logistics of shipping what is known as "Roll Goods" in the freight world.  If you are getting your products from anywhere else, the quality is probably not comparable.


What exactly is SealTuft?

We manufacture turf so that the parts are all bonded and Sealed together in an entirely different way.  This yields a product that is stronger but yet drains faster.  It is manufactured in a very environmentally friendly process versus all other turf products that use huge machines and additional chemicals that are no longer necessary.  When the product is at the end of its life cycle it does not have to end up in a landfill but is 100% 1-step recyclable. To understand more Click Here to see the SealTuft Video.


When you say !00% Recyclable, what exactly does that mean?

We can remove any dirt and debris, remove any infill and run our turf directly into recycling machines.  The turf, all together in one piece - 100% - gets shredded up and then melted down into pellets.  These pellets can be used in any plastic extruder that can make literally millions of plastic products and parts.  An extruder takes liquid plastic and shapes or molds it while it is hot and melted into finished products.  Look around your house or your car, you will see all types of products and parts that are plastic.  These products too can be recycled as well so the cycle never has to end and does not have to fill up a landfill.


What is Grass!365:

Grass!365 is our distribution and installation arm for not only our product - SealTuft - but also for the installation of synthetic grass.  We are a network of business owners around the country who are experts in synthetic grass logistics of distribution but also true artists when it comes to the design and installation of our products.  We create beautiful and functional spaces with artificial turf that enhances lives and help businesses.