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Isn't all Synthetic Turf the Same?


50-year-old Design

Installation Challenges & Drainage Issues

Lack of Innovation

Bad for the Environment

Leave Turf Challenges Behind and Grow Your Business with SealTuft

Our mission is to bring the most innovative, earth-friendly, easy-to-install and maintain artificial turf to landscapers and installers.

10x More Drainage (1,000 inches/hour)

Superior Quality & Selection

More Sales

The Industry’s Only 100% Recyclable Turf

Simple, Efficient Installation


Offer More Than Old-School Turf

Browse colors, performance & design ideas

Explore our Turfs Varieties

Why Premiere Installers and Landscapers Choose SealTuft Turf

Superior Product

Direct Access to Warehouse

Exceptional Advisor Support

20+ Years of Turf Innovation

Over 10 Million Square Feet Installed

Easy to Sell

Raving Fans

What our Installers are Saying

“This is a great company! Fast, precise, value.”

Scott F.

“Every part of working with them was perfect from the quality, to the value, to the professionalism and fast response times! What's most important is the job was completed perfectly, on time and on budget. That's what ultimately matters!”

Julie S.

“Outstanding from start to finish. Great product, reasonable price and outstanding installation. Great management, fantastic, hardworking...”

Mickey P.
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SealTuft Turf Innovation: Less Hassle, More Business

Did you know that today’s artificial turf is derived from a 50+-year-old technology with a legacy of drainage hassles and after-installation fixes? Adding to this, today’s turf holds moisture, and will one day end up in a landfill.

SealTuft understands the challenges of artificial turf installation and profit loss due to low-quality product performance.

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