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We ship most orders within 48 hours and over 80% get delivered within 5 business days.  We have plenty of turf in stock and look forward to helping.


For consumer information, please visit our installation site at Grass!365 by clicking here.


If you own your own landscaping or hardscape business, purchasing turf is probably not at the top of your dreams list, but the purchase of turf is part of the process of you getting to your goals. Whether this is a one off purchase for a customer who requested it or you are on your way to dominating the synthetic grass market in your area, we are all connected in realizing our goals and dreams.

SealTuft and Grass!365 have roots going back well over 2 decades.  We have seen so many companies, products and crazy marketing schemes in the artificial turf industry come and go.  Our goal has always been simple, provide the best products at a great value.  Our business owners are spread out all across the country and they share our values of serving our communities in an honest professional way with the very best synthetic grass found anywhere at a fair price.

We attempt to treat every customer, every project and every blade with the care and respect they deserve.  We call our training course Every Blade U and that mindset lives in all that we do.

Synthetic grass is the vehicle with which we are chasing our entrepreneurial dreams.  Without you as customers and your customers who hired you to build the project of their dreams, this business would not exist.  You have a customer or a property that is in need of a great design and installation, we are here to walk that path with you and help however we can.  Our goals and dreams will not be realized without you chasing yours.

We are all connected and are here to help you on your journey, which is also our journey.

Thank you for your time and investment in SEALTUFT.  The very best synthetic grass on the planet.

We look forward to helping.


For more information on working together - Please Contact:

Jim Allison - Jim@SealTuft.com - 480-225-9680