Best Golf Green with SealTuft






15 x 1 (Width x Height)

Minimum quantity



Best Golf Green turf that will hold golf shots from 180 yards away.  Always use with Impact Pad to help hold golf shots for a decade.

Best Golf Green turf requires 8 pounds of 20-40 sand infill.  Extreme brushing is required to break up the turf fibers of this slit film yarn so that the turf blooms and will not have grain in your putts.

From there you will want to roll the green with a riding smooth double drum roller that weighs 1.5 to 2 tons.  Finally, topdress the green with colored sand, either green or black and green and roll again.  This last rolling is required. 

This is a very technical installation but yeilds the very best golf green results in the synthetic grass industry when done correctly.  This is the golf greens you want to practice your short game, build courses and roll very true.

Pair this product with C60 or C75 for the fringe and your clients will love playing golf shots into a green that looks natrual, holds golf shots just like USGA spec greens and putts roll true.