Impact Pad Wholesale






12 (Width)

Minimum quantity



For use under Sand filled - Best Golf Green turf or 1 inch Texturized Golf Green Turf.

Comes in 12 foot wide rolls and is 5 mm tall.

NOTE - you need to order more sq ft of impact padding than golf green turf.

Install Instructions:

Once you have concreted the cups and your base is perfect, roll out 12 foot wide rolls with a larger footprint than your green.  We perfer the smooth side down and fabric side up for seaming purposes. Seam together with duct tape using 3 layers - first down the center then 50% on either side on your next 2 passes.

Roll out, weigh down with sand bags, seam and shape your golf green turf.  Using a sharpie marker, mark the edges of the putting green on the pad.  Roll back the putting green and cut out the pad on the inside of the sharpie line.

If installing fringe turf, keep the golf green turf rolled back, install the pieces of fringe turf and use the padding like as a guide to shape the inside edge of the fringe.

Install 3 ½ inch twisted galvanized nails around the outside edge of the green about every 2-3 feet.

This product is not for playgrounds or sports fields and will not protect against falls, it is only meant to help hold golf balls.

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