All in One Seam Material - 100


Seam Materials




100 x 8 (Length x Width)


100 Linear Feet per roll. Adhesive is 8 inches wide for execellent grab.

All in One Seam Mateial is just that, everything you need for a great seam in on roll.  The seam material is topped with pressure sensitive adhesive.

Once your turf is cut and prepared to seam, simply roll out the All in One, peel off the protective cover, turn down your turf and press.  You can gently walk or crawl across the seam, pressing the turf into the adhesive activating the glue.

Note - must be used in dry conditions.  Do not install over padding or cushion base materials, only for use over compacted aggregate base or concrete.  Do not install on slopes, only for use on flat surfaces. If high traffic area, consider using 3 inch twisted galvanized nails to help hold the turf in place.